Successful Projects

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For projects without direct rail access, WSG’s patented truck-to-rail system shown on the homepage, is an innovative and state-of-the-art way in which material is moved from project sites. It utilizes the fuel efficiency of rail over long-haul trucking, reduces accident liability, and produces the most timely and competitively-priced waste handling in the business. WSG can reduce your projects fuel use by as much as 90%, and lower dependence on fuel means WSG’s price quotes are less subject to fluctuation of energy markets.

By reducing the number of trucks needed per job by as much as 10-fold, and eliminating high-speed trips entirely, the local truck-to-rail system virtually removes a projects exposure to accident liability risk. Moreover, the rail option also significantly reduces the environmental impacts associated with long-haul trucking.  Finally, the truck-to-rail process has fewer intermediary steps involved, and has proven time and time again to be better-suited for time-sensitive projects. WSG’s local truck-to-rail system has saved clients as much as 12 months of critical construction time.

Projects On Which WSG Waste-By-Rail Services Were Used